My Gang

My Gang:
2.Emily Wong
3.Kuan Yee
4.Stephanie Wong
5.Desmond Lim
6.Quan Jun
7.Ng Wai Kie
8.Lee Kah Xuan


I very like my gang in this year...
u all make me have happy and laughing everyday~
I very thank u all...
I will apreciate our friendship~

Know I gotta introduce my gang's friends!!
I no need say lor!!hehex...^-^

2.Emily Wong:
She is a leng lui lai der a!!hahax!!i very like her der!!

3.Kuan Yee:
She also very nice der!She like to sing, and his sound also very nice der!!

4.Stephanie Wong:
She very cute and very nice der!! Arthur like her der!! I let u all see her pic...

5.Desmond Lim:
He is my gor gor!! Very leng zai der!! He got lao po liao lor!! His lao po is 玉萍! His lao po very nice der lor!! His lao po is my dai sou!! hahax... He always help me der!! He very good der!!

6.Quan Jun:
He also very leng zai der lar!! But oo,very huai dan der!! nie, say me 3 号鞋 de is him lor!! Let u see hie pic a!! ^-^

7.Ng Wai Kie:
He very cute der!! Just like a girl!! But he is a boy lar!! got some like na pek lar!! But nvm I like!! hahax....XD...

8.Lee Kah Xuan:
This girl very leng luii ar~ hahax... >.< lolx...nthg to say about this girl liao~ hahax... she very funny also lar~

I LOVE MY GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!