last day D:

Today is the last day of exam D:
From today, I can't talk with him and listen his singging voice jor.... D:
He today sing SOLO and a song (forget it's name jor == )
So miss him now D:
Yesterday I bluf him said shi chyi got something to tell u~ D:
Actually I want he be happy coz someone said he like shi chyi D:
I hope you will remember me :D
I will always remember u :D
Thanks to your song :D
I love you :D
Hope you with shi chyi will happy :D

Yesterday I play SOLO using my guitar ~
I thinking you when I am playing ~
I was sad coz Shi Chyi said after you know me, you forget her ~
That means she maybe love you..... D:
I hope so.... D:
Coz you like her.... D:
Hope you two will love each other... D:
I don't want to see you sad.... D: