Yea ..

I go parkson with my gor yesterday ! <3

So happy .. :D

He bought many thing for me agn .. xD

Finally, I bought a new bag ! <3 :D

A nice bag .. :D

I like that bag ! xD

guese how much my gor pay this bag? xD

After shopping, we went to dunnoe where to eat sushi .. :D

My gor bring me there so I dunnoe what place is there .. :P

Then after sushi we go cut hair .. xD

My hair got a bit short now .. D:

Let u all see what's different niarhs .. :D

Before .. :D

After .. :D

Different so big right? xD

Not nice lurr .. D:

I not really like lurr .. D:

But nvm my gor also got cut ! xD

He's hair more funny .. xD

So happy yesterday ! :D

I love you gor ! <3 :D