Bad Day ! ):

I don't like today .. D:

I hate today .. D:

Many bad luck came to me .. D:

First, my father sick jorr .. ):

I very sad because my beloved daddy ( real one ) had sad .. D:

Second, I had period .. D:

I hate period .. D:

Third, my Face book can't on it !!!!!

I can't play face book jor larhs .. D:

I can't see his picture jor larhs .. D:

Fourth, I just scold by my grandpa because of bus !!!

I hate people scold me like that !!!

All principle fault !!!

Public phone spoiled by our school's student, principle had responsibility to repair it !!!

But our school's principle just sat in her office and drink her coffee !!!

Any qualification to do principle??

No !!!!

Why my bad luck came back again !!!!!!!