loving her every moment (:

hahaha ...
It's me childish ? (:
Aiya, nothing to do ma .. :P
So happy today (:
Because she is laughing all the moment (:
I think she maybe is the most important friend to me (:
But maybe she don't think so (:
Nvm, I'm here always for her (:
My best friend + My darling = Ms. Tan . H . E (:
But at the last period, she wrote something on her table .. -.-
I didn't saw all actually .. -.-
But the most I saw, it's Mid Valley .. -.-
Maybe she was saying me or someone la ..
Nevermine, I don't mine (:
Because I just need to know, I love you my best friend (:
The first time say I love you to my best friend -.-
Had a little tinny shy ..
hehe .. xD
Compettition it's coming !
JR2L !
Gambateh ! xD
I'm always here with you all ! (:
Love you guys so much ! (: