3 days 2 night at Pulau Kukup (:

Wohoo ~! I'm back from Pulau Kukup yesterday night ! (: Wow ! There was very FUN at there ! x) Me and my family had Fishing, BBQ, Karaokae, Seeing sunset, See leng zaii, see leng luii .. xD I'm going to share my picture at here to everyone who was seeing my blog (:
First day, we go park the car first .. Then we sit this bus to the restauran for having lunch (: Can you see that ? The van is super old and no aircond around it ! It's hot man ! When we sitting in the van, we can saw outside had a little flood .. My mum said :"我们是去(走难),不是去旅行的 ..-.-"

After we have our lunch, we take picture beside the sea (: This is my grand father ! (:
This is my uncle and auntie, sweet as honey .. (:

The whole family is waitting forthe ship to fecth us to the hotel (;

When we reach the hotel, we put our travel bag in the room first ! Afther that Play Mahjong ! x)

No place for me to play .. So I go out to the sea side to take the sunset picture lurr .. x) So nice at there .. x)

At the afternoon, me and my father were standing beside the deap sea to fishing .. But I didn't take picture .. Cause I was buzy to fishing at that moment x) Finally, after one and a half hour, I caught a little fish .. x) And my father caught two snake fish .. Yerr .. geli ~ xD After that, we had BBQ together ! x) One day had finish x)

Next day, we went to the Pokok Bakar's place by sitting a yellow bot at the morning 10pm .. (: Then we walk 吊桥at there .. (: It's so high .. A little scarery .. But a little high .. x) hehe .. After that we sat the small bot went out to the enterence (: Cause lazy to walk .. x) Adults = RM3 Child = RM2 ;) After that, pick travel bags and back home lurr .. x) Back to My uncle's home x) Suddenly wanted to take picture with my dog .. x) Then I take lurr .. xD

Lastly, thanks to my father and mother let me have a sweet travel ^^ Love family (: