Bahagia XD

Hpmh ! ><
I hate myself ><
I made my hubby angry jorr .. ><
Sry my hubby ... TT
I really care u d .. D:
If I don't care u ...
I won't leave in school and gave my mum slap D:
Sry if I do wrong anything ... D:
Really sry sry sry ... D:
I really care u d .. D:
Today went to my aunt house to make cookie for u and Hui Ee ^^
Tomorro gave u two eat nia ~ ^^
Just for u two ^^
Don't angry me larhs .. D:
Sry lurr dear .. D:
Forgive me, please .. D:
If u forgive me, post on FB and tag me .. XD
I beg u, please ... D:
By lovely,
SHIz x)