Gratz to me

Hahaha ~

Congratz to me, I have moody almost whole week.

Nice ba ?

First time moody so long.

Hurt by someone today.

OUCH ! My heart
I think this year d valentines is going to be very sadness.

Only me. XD

hahaha ~

I'm getting crazy now.

Crazy till even can killed someone.

Today !

I'll always rmb today.

Both of us just like dunno each other and passing thru.

Hurt Hurt Hurt ~

Walao ! Hurt man.

What happent to you these days ? D:

I'm worried, you know ?

Haizx .. You dunno. -.-''

Preparing valentines present to you.

But I think that day, won't come ba ~ (:

Hope not. (:

Bloody Valentines this year.

Whole heart having knife on it. -.-''