Happy Birthday :DD

Heyy :D

Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to shirley.

Happy Birthday to me. xD

Ya, today my birthday. xD

But i didn't tell everyone. xD

So I think that no one will rmb my birthday. xD

Unfortunately, everyone rmb. ==ll
Unbelieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevable. xD
Hahaha ~
Thanks to you guy's birthday present ;D
Espacially YOU and YOU and YOU ! xD
Ya, YOU !
JJ's wife. xD
Tan Hui Ee ! xD
I though that you forget my birthday, seems these days we not good. ):
It's okay now.
We're no problem now. xD

And YOU !
Ya, YOU. xD
Obama ~ xD
hahahaha. I'm really happy today because of a small cake which you gave me as a present. :D
Hahaha. :DD
Thanks ya, my dear ;D

And YOU !
xxx ~
Thanks for your sweet nia ~ ;)
I love ya. xD
Lastly, My gor ;D
Thanks gor.
Thanks for your sticky <3
muackzz :3 xD