LoLz -.-''

These days I'm in crazy.
He just look like a idol who I really really like. -.-''
And I look like a crazy fans who loved with him. -.-''
Just can't believe it I'll do this kind of things.
Before I saw my friends do this, I'll say:" Ew~ Discussting man!"
Then now my turn to do it. -.-''
When I saw him, I said to my friendsby exiting faces:" Ei~ I saw him I saw him! Wohoo! I saw him 5 times! XD" ==
Really idiot to me. -.-''
I can't believe it I'll do this to my friends when I saw him. -.-''
Then my friends always said:" LoLz. You thought he is Super Junior or else meh?! Yong sui sui! == I better than him many larh! XD"
I told my friend:" So? It's different what! You not same as him ma! I don't like you, I like him ma! You're handsome but he is special ma! How your explain ?! XD"
Then my friend get spechless .....
hahahahahahahahaha ! xD
You know that?
I'm doing a unbelievable things.
I'm waiting a idiot. -.-''
A idiot who makes me smile when I saw him.
A idiot who makes me knew what's grown.
A idiot who makes me knew what's teers.
A idiot who makes me knew bball is very important in his life.
A idiot who makes me knew what's loves.
A idiot who played my feelings in loved.
You're a IDIOT !!!!!
Then I'm more idiot .....
Cause idiot loved idiot ....
More Idiot, right ?! XD
Buahahahahahax ..
I'm a Idiot .... xD ==
Haizx ..
Not dare to talk to him. What a freak. ):
Just open the chatbox and wait him write something to me.
But I knew this unbelievable d. xD
So just on his chatbox and wait him offline. -.-''
Everytimes the same.
Ow ! I'm freak. ):