Damn it

Damn it !
My results were out.
One word to discribe it.
Look at me, what a "good" result. :P
Err .. maybe will pass, maybe not. :P
I calculate my averange - 56++
What a damn WORST result.
I don't like it.
Whatever, no regret anyway. :)
Try my best next time. ^^

Today english teacher said something special.
I like what she said.
She said: " Your boyfriend or girlfriend may cheat and treat you nicely, but your family won't. That's why you can be with your family forever." ♥
Ya, This is true. :)
I agree at all. :D
Boyfriend or girlfriend ?
Even that is best friend, they had chance to cheat and treat nicely at you.
So, don't trust it at all.
My father told this to me.
He said when someone needs help, you can help him or her.
But not too over.
Cause when you needs help, they will not necessarily to help you like you help them.
This is the truth in Malaysia's world.
I'm a malaysian, I like my country.
But I don't really like my country's peoples.
Cause everyone are cheating or treating to each other.
Fake at all.

Anyway, I'm not saying you guys. (my friends)
I'm just saying what my father had told me since I'm in secondnary schools. :))