Weee xD

Hey :D Today sunday. (:
Specialitist sunday. (:
Dunno why I felt like very special today. (:
Haha .. xD
Enjoy my day. (:
Wanna share with you guys. (:
Enjoy the pic ;)

Yupe, this is my breakfast. xD
I did myself early in the morning. (:
Look like buy from mc donald. -.-
After having my breakfast ...... wacth movie ! :D
After that, go 大发佛堂还书. -.-
See, I'm so rajin! Go perpustakaan borrow book. xD
After that, go The Mines :D
Walao. Had a freaking damn big traffic light. -.-
Fine, wait lor ! -.-
Reach there go eat. :D
Eat le go buy things. :D
Then go tuition. -.-
Tuition came back home take perasan pic lar ! xDDD

See see see ? So perasan. xD
Atnight, type blog.
One day finish. :D
YES! Tomorro no school. :D

*So beh song when u you two sit together in LRT. Damn it.