Holiday is coming
I don't like holiday as I can't meet my friends. ):
I planned many travel with my friends in this holiday

28/11 - 30/11 Genting
Tan Hui Ee :D
Thiem Kuan Yee :D
Dennis Chia :D
Er Pei Qian :D
Lew Siaw Jing :D
Arthur Feng :P
Lim Dao Zhe XD
Yong Jie Park XD
Lee Zhen Xian ==

12/12 - 14/12 Pulau Kukup
Tan Hui Ee :D
Thiem Kuan Yee :D
Veanne Wong :D
Er Pei Qian :D
Lee Zhen Xian ==
Li An (:
Jeith Teoh (:
Yu Jie (:
Song Wei XD
and 4 teachers (:

Buzy hor? XD
hahahas. :D
I hope can go more d lol ==
But my parents not allow as they say too much ):
After travel need working ):
I go work at IOI popular :D
woooooooooots :D
Remember come and buy books
mwahahahahas :D

Yesterday Yesterday Yesterday
Hope that not dreaming or he is playing or anything else
Hope thats come true
If it was a dream
Don't let it stop
continue dreaming ♥
mwahahahahaha :D

I like you ♥