Today (:
Heheheh (: XD
Aiya,You didn't naughty dao tim XD
Hahahahaha XD
Nvm la, see when got chance la :D
Tomorrow lar
Maybe got de, if you got stay at school :P

Jump Jump Jump
Next topic (:
I saw a Feng Shui book today =,=''
LOL zhun dao~
The book say we will chat thing about our ex =,=''
I don't know weither today you're sleepy or absent-minded lar...
But I feel that you scare something will happent...
You asked me today
Weither I am playing you?
I am confirm and sure to tell you!!!!
I am not playing you!!!!!
I really fall in love with you!!!!!
I hope you trust me once :O
Trust me that I won't let go you and love you forever (:
原本 today after school want go behind hall there hug you tightly and tell you these things de~
But I not dare :P
I pai se ma xD :3
Heheheh :3
I love you,seriously,not playing!!!
If not I let car hit,saw ghoost everywhere,no money forever ):
Don't ask me why explain this to you :X
Just cause I care what you're thinking (:
I care because I love you :P
I don't want you simply think others things ):
I want you to be happy (:
I want we together forever (:
Until we walk to the death (:
Will you? XD
I do ♥ (:

Suddenly think dao the book say between us will got 外遇~ =,='
Guess who is it? ):
It's MAPLE STORY la!!!
MAPLE STORY <- 死外遇!!!!!! ):
Maple,you go die lar!!!! T^T
MAPLE drag you from me T^T
cry T^T
But don't worry (:
I'll drag you back from maple!!! (:
"You're a loser,maple story!!!!Hahahahahaha XD" talking to maple :X

Owh no,gastric again ):
Pity me XD ):
I finished my explain (:
Hope you tomorrow staying XD
Need to go dinner later (:
I'm coming :D
*Honey,after you see this post,tell me what you thinking please ;)
Just now I'm too boring liao :X
Draw my future house XD
hahahahahaha XD
LOL Too 梦幻 liao :P
I'm siao liao XD
But nvm, I like la XD

Then my condition's of future house XD
1.MUST have a bar table for me and honey XD
2.Include 2 rooms (:
3.MUST have a massage bath tube XD
4.MUST have a piano (:
5.MUST have a tower to watch star with darling XD
6.MUST have LCD TV!!!!!!!!!!! :D
7.MUST have 2 store room,1 for stuff,1 for winde and beer (:
8.MUST have air-condition in 2 room and dining room
9.MUST have a dog house :D
10. Live in a big condo (:

That's the end of today (:
Bye to dinner (: