Second day :D

Yupe, the second day (:
CNY second day :D
Early in the morning let parents scold
Cause I keep playing computer and sms-ing with honey :X
Aiya, holiday ma
No one talk to me also :X
Find them talk,they keep look like want to stop that topic
Can't blame me ma?
You want me to waste my time on blur-ing meh?
Not ma :X
Aiya, tak mau argue with you guys ar
CNY argue very "DAI GA LAI SI" one :X
Later my lucky all gone :X

Emmmmmmmmmm ):
I'm sick ):


I'm cold here~
I hope you're beside and give me all of your warmless (:
Keep sneezing my nose ):
I hate my nose ):
SICK liao D:
But still need to continue go take ang pao :P
Ang pao!!!!! I'm coming!!!! $.$
Then finish CNY....
Samsung!!!!! I'm coming!!!! :D
Yesterdaay house girl style
Today farming style ;D

How it it? (:
My GOR say the same thing =,=
But really look like a farmer daughter XD
Hahahahas, but an awesome shirt (:
Going travel tomorrow :X
To Kedah :D
Today whole day not at home also ):
Honey hp no credit also
Must be a very very very boring day ):
Whatever la
Got ang pao take then okay ler (:
Later finish blogging then go po po house
After that straight away down to Melaka :X
Until atnight only back home
Then tomorrow early in the morning straight away go Kedah :X
until friday only back (:
Sorry honey
We can't sms ler ):
As Kedah and Melaka sms very expensive de ):
I'll miss you de (:
Miss you much :3
Muacks xD
Kay la, gotta go now.
Bye Kuala Lumpur,I miss you :3