Wooohoo :D

Just came back from GAINT :D
My house go there quite far de :O
Erm, use walk de 20 minutes lar
Use cycle de 10 minutes :X
Use car 5 minutes
No people at home
So of course I use cycle de la!
Who so stupid go walk worh =_="

Go GAINT for what? O.O
Go buy my hubby's Gatsby :X
@.@ Expensive right?
Can't blame.
Who ask him want leng zai =_="
Twing xD

Tired weih D:
The first one you don't know de :X
My chu lian xD
I think you is the last one also
So many car there
It's too dangerous :X

Haih D:
I do so many things to you
But you just tell me "oo"
Walao D:
I cycle so far
I buy so expensive
I buy one new prepaid card because of you too
But your answer just like that
HURT dao liao :X

nvm lar
You don't know I go buy thing to you also ma =_="
I just want you to treat me good (:
Very Very Very good
Then Okay liao (:
I don't want money :P
Money no cure XD
hahahahah :D

Understand? XD