10/3, saturday, 2.52am

Wooohooo :)
Just went to PWTC with momie
We attended the exibition of MIFF
Guess how much the entrace fees for per person?
Quite expensive.

Yea, RM20
There is nothing inside the exibition but only furniture
When I walk around I am thinking that weither my dream house with him had these furniture?
When I saw something I like "Aww,I am going to get a liftlet for my future house" XD
I know I think to far
Yea, absalutely to far
From this exibition,I get my own name card :D
Owh yeah! This is the first time i get it

Saw my "BIG name"?
Muahahah :3
After that we go PWTC opposide de parkson have some dinner
Then walk walk walk :))
Owh, i bought a new beg for myself
It just RM25

Erm, a bit weird sia ._.
One day finished
Tired man
Can't sleep tonight
2.52am, who havent sleep yet?