16/3, Friday, 5.32am

5.32am, Who havent slept?
Awesome, I didn't sleep and rest today
Today silk teman me sms
But just a little while
Not whole night
Better than be alone la
Rynn too but you sleep too early ._.
Thanks you two lar :')
Whole night eating mentos and doing add maths
Add maths and mentos had become my drug now
Wooots, I love them

Morning went to MATTA fair with daddy
Awesome price
I took so much of liftlet that going to Korean automatictly
Because you said before year end want go with me
SHIT,I had changed?
Maybe you're joking that going korean
But I am not as I listen yours seriously
Every words you said I always remember in my heart
Did you too?
I don't know? :')
Just went to SMK Confusion to have a look of thier performance
Really awesome
And so many handsome boy there :3
Heheh,who said that got bf can't peep leng zai harh?
Really leng zai ;3

Arguement 6th day