20/3, Tuesday, 3.35pm

Woooooohoooooo :D
I think I will get a quite nice result in PM
You am dissapointed with you
Since tadika till now
The first time, It's FIRST TIME!!!
I do my eng with a poker face in whole test
Yea, shyt! =_="
Alright, 2 down, 9 more to go!

Went down to my own class while recess just now to find Dennis
Actually I go down to peep orang xD
Aiyor Bala
Why go tell him?
I don't want let him know ma xP
Give you chance to talk with me
You spoiled it
ISH!! =_=
You know 7th floor walk down to 4th floor then walk back to 7th floor
It's a tired thing you know?!
Even you didn't ask me to do it ._.
Just now saw a quotes from facebook
I like it xD