I'll always rmb today .. :D

becoz I first time exercise with my gor - Jian Cheng ! xD

we went out to the garden near our house .. :D

He brought his basketball, badminton and bicycle ! :D

when we go up to the first garden ..

The winds too big, so we can't played badminton .. D:

nvm lurr ..

we can played basketball .. :D

There is only one basketball court ..

Half court aready have teenagers playing jorr ..

so we use another half court ..

when I walked to another half court ..

It's aready spoiled .. D:

Yurr .. D:

Nothing can play jorr .. D:

Then gor said got another court can let us played derr ..

At his house there derr ..

" Harh?! I lazy to wlk leirhs .. D: " I said .

" Then nvm lurr .. go the near one lurr .. " gor said .

" Oh . Near 7-eleven that court ! Okay larhs .. we go there .. " I said .

When we go there, we start to played basketball first .. :D

After that, my brother gets thirsty ..

Then he went to the mak mak to buy some water for us .. :D

Thanks Boy ! :D

Then I pour some water to the ice in a plastic .. :D

When I was drinking ..

" Jie, y ur plastic inside has a black black's thing floating in side derr ?? "

Then my gor sibuk come and see ..

Then I also see .. -.-

Oh My Gosh ! It was crocraoch ! >.<

Then they started to laugh .. D:

my gor keep on laugh ! >.<

very funny meh?! >.<

Ltr I sure " O li du " D:

A day like that finish jorr .. :D

A happy day .. :D

thanks gor ! :D