My essay class test

Today teacher gave us essay class test
There were 5 tittles there to let us choose
I choosed the second one - My dream house
Okay, let's take a look what I write in my essay now

Everyone hopes that they can have their own dream house when they were grown and get married. In fact, I hopes to have my own dream house too. I hopes my dream house would be a huge and beautiful banglo with my personal land. In this banglo, it includes few rooms to let my family get rest well, a personal swimming pool to let my husband have some exercise when he is free, a personal garden to let my children run around happily and many more. Besides that, the most important thing is my family can live in this house with comfortable and happy. I hopes my dream house can be full of warmness and loveness inside.

In my dream house, I hopes to have a big dining room that have LCD televition, air-condition, a big sofa to let us take rest or watch televition's programme and a bar table to have some red wine and beer with my husband there. I think that would be very enjoyable. Beside, I hopes to have a kitchen which big but not huge that can place a dining table to let us have our breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. The kitchen must be very clean to let the cooker prepare the foods comfortable and fast.

Besides, I hopes to have three big bed rooms to let my family take some nap and rest comfortable. The theme room is for me and my husband. In our room, we have a big LCD televition infront of our bed and air-condition. In our toilet that have a large massage bath tube and a mirror to let us keep tidy before we go works. Besides, we have a clothing room that place our clothes and shoes.

*To be continue...