Outing :)

Wohoo ~ Today outing with Eugene, Louis, Phoebe, Xin Hui, Kelly, Zheng Hao, Jack, Jack's GF ! :) We went to Sunway. :) Very happy and tired. But all the moments we went there, I thinking someone. :) I missed him. D: Really missed him. D: First, we go Jack house first. xD Go his house bath. xD The stupid Zheng Hao scold him ! WTF -.-' I never scold, you scold ?! Siapa kau ? xD Hoiyo ! xD After that, I on FB see he whether got on a not, if got, I can chat with him awhile. ( At least got chat dao nia ~ ) Then play until 4.30 ++, we only went out and sit bus to Sunway. -.-' Late right ?! -.-' Then, we play until 7.30 ++ only went back home. xD

When I went back home, I on FB. Then I saw dear friend post something on his wall. She write:" I know your SECRET jorr ...XDD Be Carefull ya .. I go tell all people ..." I go and ask her, what secret. -.-' Then she ask me:" you very love tung ar ? " I answer:" Ya .. ;) " Then my stupid idiot brain started to think something nonsense. Everything nonsense and negatif coming out from my brain. -.-' Maybe I'm sensitive larhs .. But I ask her, she don't want tell me. This is the problem that I worried ! Why will she asked me did I very love dear ? Haizx .. Hope it won't be true what I'm thinking, please .. D: God, I beg you. ): TT

I just told my gor abt this things. He ask me:" If he really xxxx you, you will how ? " I said:" I'll continue let him play. " The gor ask agn:" Won't cry ?" I said:" Sure will d larhs ! But won't let him know. So that he won't be worried abt this. " I know I'm very stupid right ? xD Fine la ~ Who call my horoscope is pisces ? x)

Today 15th days <3