For someone :)

Dear Ling,
Err .. I knew you hated me before.
Yea, I knew. :D
Obious ! ==
But it's okay.
I dunno weither you hate me now.
Whatever. :)
Cause I know, you're still my best friend in my life. :)

btw, thanks to you. :)
I thought you won't invite me go gatthering.
Cause I thought you really hate me.
Anyway, Thanks and sorry. :)
This is the third time said sorry to you.
Just need to have forgive everything between us, and turn back like primary.
Forever friends. :)
But I think maybe no chance.
I understand that sorry can't turn back time, but sorry can turn back feels. :)
No forgive, it's okay to me.
I won't take gun and shot you. xD
Yea, I knew I'm annoying.
but I scared to saw your cute faces turns to an evil faces. xD
I hope when I saw you, you will been in a happy faces. :D