Hey guys !
What's up ! :DD
By the way, I'm sorry that didn't post anythings on my blogger.
Cause school having examinations.
But it's holiday aready four days. :))
These four days buzying outing with family and friends too. xDD
So that not enough times to type blog. D:
I'm sorry ya. :DD

Anyway, I felt happy in this holiday. :DD
The first and second of the holidays, father brought us to genting. :DD
It's fun there ! :DD
I played many things that I didn't played before. :))
Anyway, glad of my sister.
She's so brave ! She dare to played every dangerous things there. :DD
But my brother just stand there and see us to played. ==
Cause he scare tht he will fell down from it. ==
Whatever :DD

The third day of holidays, I slept at home until 9++am
I woke up then go brush teeth, breakfast, see tv, play computer ==
One day finish. :D

The fourth day of holidays, I slept until 9++am.
Same as yesterday.
But atnight, went out to parkson in OUG with family. :D
Cause my mom wanted to check what hapet to her eyes.
I'm luckily, my mom said my spec aready long time, she asked weither I want to change or keep normal. :D
Wow ! Nice chance. xDD
Okay, I changed. :DD
hahahax .. happy :DD
Thanks mummy :D

The fifth day of holidays, means today !
Slept until 8++am :DD
Then brush teeth, prepare breakfast, g see news on tv :D
Then now typing blogger and listening song. :DD
Anyway, gotta go play, bye ;DD